Yesterday, the internet imploded when Beyonce dropped a secret video for “Formation”, and it appeared to come as a tsunami-level blow to two unknown documentary filmmakers after discovering footage they shot was included in the music video. Unbeknownst to their team, of course.

The video included footage from a documentary shot by filmmakers Abteen Bagheri and Lily Keber. Chris Black, a producer on the film expressed his disgust on Twitter while alerting fellow filmmaker and producer Bagheri on this timeline (side-eye). The retweet button helped spread their claims like wildfire. This is what Chris Black had to say initially on social media:

An unanimous ‘how could she??’ was whispered by readers who saw this claim run down their timelines. But, did Melina really?

The answer is no. Chris nor Abteen own the footage. The director of Beyonce’s Formation video got the proper permission from Sundance, the owners of the materials, according to Entertainment Weekly. Everyone who deserved a check, got one.

In Abteens own words for Huffpost, he says he was afforded the opportunity to film for Sundance. Sounds like a work-for-hire situation.

Videos are usually credited to one director, and the clips are b-role that run for about 15 seconds total in the whole video. So what’s the big deal?