A line of cannabis and related products bearing the name of iconic reggae musician Bob Marley has been officially launched.

The brand, called Marley Natural, produces a line of cannabis strains and infused oils; they will initially be carried in a handful of dispensaries in California, where medical marijuana is legal, before expanding in that state over the next month.

The company said in a press release yesterday that expansion will continue to other states where the drug is legal throughout the rest of this year and, by next year, they will be sold internationally.

The company is also launching a line of body care products, including lotion and soap, made with hemp seed oil and Jamaican botanicals as well as a line of wood and glass marijuana-smoking accessories.

The branded cannabis, named after Marley, who died from melanoma cancer in 1981, will be sold with the permission of the legendary musician’s family.
It is part of a 30-year worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Marley Natural’s parent company, Privateer Holdings, a cannabis-focused investment firm.