Ciara has dropped a hefty lawsuit on former beau Future stating that he is trying to ruin her career.
The news, first broken by , claims that the rapper has been lying about her, stating that she is a bad mother. She is asking that a judge put a muzzle on him and she also seeks $15 million in damages. Ciara claims libel and defamation in the lawsuit.

The story details her grievance:

The singer accuses her ex-fiance of lying about her publicly to increase interest and publicity for his upcoming musical endeavors, namely the release of his upcoming album and tour. Ciara blasts Future saying he purposefully published lies about her on his Twitter account, social media and other interviews to destroy her reputation as a good mother, to diminish her brand and to impair her professional career in the entertainment industry.

The suit adds that Ciara respects and recognizes Future’s right to free speech under the first amendment of the Constitution. However, he doesn’t have free reign to say whatever he wants knowing what he is speaking is untrue.

Ciara informs the court she is a well-known, successful, recording aritst, songwriter, producer, performer and entertainer along with actress and has a huge fan base around the world. The singer also describes herself as a pillar of her community and extremely active with community service and philanthropy and she says she’s known as a great mother.

Future has not responded to the allegations at press time.