Most of us were introduced to Blama after his 2015 carnival hit “Waistline Criminal” put him on the Soca charts last year and his #waistlinechallenge became popular amongst Vincentians all over social media, resulting, we’re sure, in many damaged waistlines.

Since then, Blama has busy working his day job, performing at various small events throughout the island and writing songs; not only for himself but also for other artistes, Bajan Soca artiste- King Bubba being one of them. Blama has a very optimistic eye on the fast approaching Vincy Mas and with three power soca tracks in his pocket, he is on a mission to find out if he really has what it takes to please the people and is interested in seeing how he would be received..

“This is a critcal year for me, this is the comeback year. This is the year I could say, you know what? Yea, you making it in the Soca business. So i’m just waiting to see how the people receive me this year.”

His first release would be a track called “One Hit,” an extension of his state of mind. He describes “One Hit” as a ‘buss mouth’ to the people who don’t believe in him and confirmation for the ones who do. The waistline criminal reveals that though he is bringing “Waistline Criminal” #2 extended version, he also has something for the folks with have no waistline aptitude.

Fans can expect more energy and more power this year from Blama who confesses that he has been hitting the gym and will be maximizing his efforts to entertain his fans and move the crowd.

“Fans can expect more energy on the stage. Get the people more involved. Get them moving and participating and showing them my thanks for the love and support.”

On another note, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for this Nex Gen artiste who became a father once again, just last December.