T.I. might be riding high from his Tidal X: Tip concert a few nights ago and the announcement that he’s become the latest artist owner of Tidal, but this news might be bad news for the Atlanta rapper.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Tip was recently hit with a $1.6 million tax lien. This adds to two other tax liens against the Grand Hustle founder, one for $1.4 million and the other for $3.1 million for unpaid taxes in the years 2012 and 2013 respectively.

If this report is true, that means Tip would owe the IRS a whopping total of $6.2 million in unpaid taxes. While this pales in comparison to his total net worth—reportedly $215 million according to the Daily Mail—it could still cause big problems for him if he fails to pay. According to the report, he’s failed to produce the money so far. If this continues, the IRS could start seizing his assets to pay the debt. Among his most valuable possessions are a $4 million home in Georgia and multiple luxury cars.

The news comes as his wife Tameka Cottle is over six months pregnant with the couple’s third child, and Tip’s seventh overall. With his Dime Trap album and a new child on the way, and new business deals with Tidal and Roc Nation, let’s hope T.I. can get his finances in order soon.

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