Tupac Shakur’s final months before his death were spent in the lab creating music he hoped would further his legacy in the music history. There reportedly was in a condition in his contract with Suge Knight that stated the West Coast legend would help with material with other Death Row artists.

Not only was the “All Eyez On Me” rapper making music for himself, he penned and produced songs for other artists — like MC Hammer — who signed to the label in 1995. The “Can’t Touch This” rapper had began to work on an album called Too Tight, which was never released.

Although we’ve heard his unreleased song with 2Pac and Big Daddy Kane, we’ve never heard Pac’s rendition of the title track of Hammer’s unreleased album in full

We first received footage of their studio sessions in 2008, but the low quality footage that shows Pac in the studio had us wanting more for years. While behind the boards, Pac was a doing vocal production for a singer who is recording the hook with his reference track for Hammer playing in the background.

Eight years after the footage leaked, we finally get to hear the CDQ of “Too Tight.”

What would have MC Hammer’s album sounded like? Listen to the the title track below.


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