Snoop Dogg has managed to make his name universal brand both inside and outside of the studio. With the rapper’s legendary name in hip hop, several businesses have been interested in using it for their own benefits, sometimes without . One of those businesses happen to be Pabst Brewing Company, who’s being sued by Snoop for breach of contract.

According to XXL, Pabst offered Snoop a deal to be their brand ambassador for a new flavored malt-liquor line called Blast by Colt-45. Although the Snoop’s contract was supposed to last only three years regarding the terms of agreement, it also included a two-year period where the rapper could receive %10 of total profits if Blast by Colt 45 or the Colt 45 brand was sold to another company.

Snoop sued Pabst last year for breach of contact, and received the favor of the judge despite the alcohol company claiming that they owed him nothing for their actions.

The rapper will be in court in court this October to settle his case.