If you are Facebook friends with businessman and entrepreneur, Mr Regis Splectron, also known as Mista Splectron, you would have noticed that over the past few days, his timeline was lit was a bacchanal that can only be described as a real life reality TV episode, that had us all like :O.

If you aren’t friends with Mista Splectron or was somehow lost in space and didn’t catch the drama, this is what went down.

So apparently, Mista Splectron was hired to shoot a wedding, as wedding photographer is one of the many hats he wears. Mista Splectron, however, informed the bride that he was told by an eye witness, that the groom spent some time at a particular guest house with someone who is rumored to have HIV, and cautioned her to use protection during intercourse.

Obviously this did NOT go down well, resulting in BARE BACCHANAL on Facebook!!

This statement Mista Splectron made on his timeline should pretty much explain it all:


The response to this post, via Mista Splectron’s comments, mostly rallied support around his actions, while a few were of the opinion that he should not have gotten involved:


The following comment by a Kevin Wayne Jeffery caught our eye, this confirmed to us who the groom was, as we were a bit late to the show.

What are YOUR thoughts??