Tonight (Tuesday 1st March), a search was on for protégé of Creative Entertainment and one of SVG’s most promising young Soca stars, Kevon “Kev” Alleyne who was reportedly missing.

Following Kev’s mysterious disappearance, Kev’s manager and CEO of Creative Entertainment posted the following statement on Facebook:

“MISSING PERSON EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT : Kevon “Kev” Alleyene @iamdakev has been missing for approximately 24 hrs as of 9PM tonight March 1st. Kev was last seen in the area of Cane Hall (Vinlec power plant) wearing blue gym shorts, Grey T-shirt and grey sneakers. If you have any information on his whereabouts or location please contact the Police immediately 1(784) 458 4200 or your closest precinct station HELP US FIND KEV”

This PSA set social media abuzz as it drove numerous persons to begin frantically seeking information about Kev’s whereabouts in their social media circles. Kev’s photo along with a request for information on his whereabouts was also posted on Facebook by several other individuals, intensifying the search.

Word on the timelines was that he has been kidnapped and held for a ransom of 80 THOUSAND dollars, while other individuals questioned the validity of the situation by inquiring about it being a publicity stunt.

However, just as the search for Kev entered it’s viral peak, the following Facebook post from Kev’s manager, brought it to an abrupt end:

“Kev is currently at the police station in Kingstown he was found and the matter is now being dealt with by the police.”

This post received over 30 shares within the first hour.

While we are all relieved to know that Kev is alive and safely in the hands of the authorities, it is safe to say that EVERYONE is without a doubt, waiting, eyes pressed to their timelines, for the story behind Kev’s disappearance.