Jay Z is part owner of TIDAL, the newly acclaimed music streaming service that is planning to topple over other rival music streaming companies like Spotify and Apple Music is changing their operations team a bit, by letting their Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer go.
TIDAL’s CFO, Chris Hart and COO, Nils Juell, were reportedly kicked to the curb which was exclusively confirmed to The Verge in a statement. “Tidal has terminated CFO Chris Hart and COO Nils Juell,” TIDAL told The Verge.
The Swedish new site Breakit and Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Nearingsliv originally broke the story as there was a dispute over streaming music data!
TIDAL has over 46 countries that they’re streaming music to, but their operations team has failed to successfully deliver hot new music like Beyonce’s “Formation” hit single, and Kanye’s new album, “The Life Of Pablo” that has yet to be on the Billboard 200 chart’s top 20 even! Crazy right?!
TIDAL is also moving some of its main department headquarter’s (accounting and operations) closest to Jay Z, as his office is located in New York. Their technology team and key support staff will stay in Norway, where their original office was first located.
In hoping that Jay Z will work his business savvy magic now that the operations team will be closest to him, let’s hope also that their new CEO, Jeff Toig will bring bigger and better opportunities for the streaming company!