Eminem is digging back in his discography to re-release one of hip-hop’s most revered albums. The Slim Shady LP (Aftermath Entertainment) debuted in 1999 to critical-acclaim, and will now be released on a timeless format, cassette tapes, for this millennium.

On Twitter, the Detroit native revealed the news to praise from his followers, receiving over 10,000 retweets on the announcement.

Shady Records’ website also hosts a sign-up sheet so fans can receive updates on the official release date of the cassette tape.

The Slim Shady LP boasted still relevant tracks like “My Name Is,” “Just Don’t Give a Fu*k,” and “Guilty Conscience” with frequent collaborator Dr. Dre. In a vintage Rolling Stone interview, Em spoke about his thought process behind his sophomore effort. “God sent me to piss the world off,” he said. “My album isn’t for younger kids to hear. It has an advisory sticker, and you must be eighteen to get it. That doesn’t mean younger kids won’t get it, but I’m not responsible for every kid out there. I’m not a role model, and I don’t claim to be.”

Now, a younger generation of hip-hop fans will be able to experience the project — if they haven’t already — by collecting the LP on this vintage format.