Another day, another Katt Williams brawl. No, really — This time, the comedian got into it at a rap show in Philadelphia, punching a man in the face, but he didn’t get the outcome he had hoped for.

According to TMZ, the drama ensued last night at the Trocadero Theatre during a performance by Beanie Sigel, Jahlil Beats, Jadakiss and a few other MCs. In true Katt Williams fashion, the comic was doing the most, frantically freestyling on-stage, doing push-ups and putting up his fists while leaning into a fight stance for no reason what so ever.

Out of nowhere, he then ran towards one of the men on stage and threw him a punch, and it all went downhill for him from there. Unfortunately for him, the man was not alone, as his entourage joined him in beating Katt to the ground. No one was reportedly arrested in connection to the incident.

This is not the first odd offense by the comedian. Just last week, he was arrested in Georgia for allegedly punching a store clerk and just a day prior to that, he was accused of holding five female tourists at gun point. A few days after that, he also got into another brawl in the streets of L.A.

Take a look at what went down in Philly in the video, below:


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