Ashanti got a chance to face her alleged stalker in court yesterday, in an awkward exchange that could only be explained as creepy.

Devar Hurd is representing himself, and got his wish to face Ashanti in court. What happened next is one of the most awkward things you can ever experience.

He read some of the most graphic tweets he wrote to her that made her call the police in the first place.
According to TMZ, this includes the following statements:
“Eating p**** from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia.” He asked her if she saw his tweet, and she responded she had, “I saw the disgusting tweet and was insulted.” Hurd was undeterred, firing back, “Why didn’t you tell me to stop or block me?”

Or this one.

And then the stalker said, “I know how you are when it comes to our sex life … us f****** is very emotional on both ends.” To that, Ashanti said nothing … she just crossed her arms and closed her eyes.
Hurd sent other lewd text messages, including “wrap your thick ass thighs and legs around my shoulders and neck and palm my head and put my mouth on your tight p****.”

Wow. Sick.

After previously being convicted, Hurd is in the midst of a retrial for felony stalking and could face up to four years in prison.

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