It seems as though the so called “King Of Memphis” rapper, Young Dolph has added some fuel to the fire between him and rapper, Blac Youngsta’s beef by including Yo Gotti in the mix! Supposedly, Dolph had some sexual relations with Yo Gotti’s baby mama!!! Wonder if it went down in the DM too?

Anyways, Young Dolph took some shots at Blac Youngsta in a song he remixed with Young Thug and Big Bank Black called, “Trouble (Ready).”

In it he said, “Any n*gga that record when it’s time for gangsta sh*t. He the POLICE…And I f*cked your Boss Man baby mama same hotel 4 weeks. Never send a little boy to take care of grown man business. If I was you…I’d be mad at me I ain’t tripping.”

Not only did he spit shade on his song he took it a step further to his Instagram when he posted:



Remember when we posted Blac Youngsta’s videos of himself and a group of men with guns ready to pop off on Young Dolph after their street beef hit social media? It was nothing at all in regards to music, but once Yo Gotti had a long talk with his newly signed artist, Blac decided to take the beef to the studio booth!

He retaliated with a song called “Shake Sum” where he rapped, “I know what you doing nigga playa hatin’ a** n*gga…take you a bath dusty ass boy! Yea, b*tch…I know what’s up with you n*gga, you ain’t no mother f*cking king pin n*gga, you ain’t no king of south music bitch; you ain’t even from the city n*gga. Take yo’ b*tch a** back to Chicago n*gga.”

Y I K E S!!!!

Of course Dolph responded back to Blac’s song about him on Twitter but you can tell he was simply unbothered since all he was emoji laugh:


These dirty south rappers have got to find their chill! You might have imagined since all three rappers are from Memphis, Tennessee they would find some common ground, but it’s obviously more than what their fans know of and slowly but surely it’s being revealed!

Take a listen to Blac’s and Young Dolph’s songs, who do you think snapped the most?