If you remember, last week we reported to you guys that Bobby Brown was about to become a father for the 7th time! However, unbeknownst to us, he had just re-entered rehab for substance abuse. Less than a week later, his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s medical records were released, revealing a very sad history of substance abuse.

It’s evident that Bobbi is still grieving over the loss of both of the loves of his life, hence the back and forth to rehab over the past 4 years since Whitney Houston’s death. His sister, Leolah, has been very supportive of his sister but also vocal about protecting him from whatever evils that may or may not be out there. She took to Facebook to plead for her brother to “close the door” on people who are allegedly interested in the destruction of The Brown family!

“Just as I told my niece Bobbi Kristina “to close the door” after her mother was found murdered! I am BEGGING my brother Bobby Brown to not only close his door-BUT PLEASE make the rightful and wisest decision to GET COMPLETELY AWAY from the people who are constantly around him that are trying to divide and conquer our family.

I am speaking of those who are very close to him pretending to love him but are instead nothing more than a devil who is anxiously out to divide and conquer him from his family. Family meaning “The Brown’s!” Those of us who came from that same womb. I am staying prayed up with strong faith in my God-that HE WILL be with me to help me in this mission to protect my brother Bobby Brown and SAVE MY FAMILY from these Demons by any means necessary!!!”