The Weeknd is a man of considerable talent and has managed to accomplish quite a bit in his relatively short time in the public eye. He can sing, he can dance. He’s won two Grammys, performed in front of thousands and thousands of people, his most album Beauty Behind the Madness has been certified 2x platinum in the United States, and just this year was nominated for an Academy Award. One thing it seems that the Weeknd can’t do however, is fish.

Earlier today the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer posted a short clip of himself trying his hand at the sport recently on Instagram to hilarious result. It seems like he’s trying to cast out off a dock into the open water before him, but somehow manages to miss the wide open target. “I didn’t even hit the water. I went in the f-cking pole,” a clearly exasperated Weeknd says before handing over the pole to his friend. “FML” indeed!


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