It seems LA Lewis has managed to get on the bad side of yet another dancehall act, this time he has placed himself in the cross-hairs of the original Don Gargon Ninjaman.
A voice-note has been leaked online with Don Gargon admitting that his son was in fact gay and that the self proclaim “sex symbol” La Lewis use to live with him for several months in an apartment complex. He was also heard issuing several threats in true Ninja style towards Lewis which has gotten him much criticism online due to his on-going gun charge in court.

Ninja also urged Lewis to come clean and confess to the world that he is in-fact and homosexual because he can recall La Lewis admitting in several videos that “he and the gay people dem a live good” and that he’s so hot “all the gays dem a look him”.

The Gargon also explains that he had to disown his daughter because she was “badminded gyal” and she was ungrateful due to her not interacting with her other siblings.

Ninjaman Talks LA Lewis & Son by Avando_Graphix-King