It looks like Floyd Mayweather is looking to make a comeback. Possibly against currently one of boxing’s most feared fighters.

The undefeated fighter retired shortly after fighting Manny Pacquaio in a disappointing fight, and following it up with an underwhelming fight against Andre Berto which brought his record to 49-0.

According to his trainer Abel Sanchez, he may comeback to fight another undefeated boxer, Gennady Golovkin.

Speaking to On The Ropes Boxing he said the following:

“He is saying things about a comeback, he just seems to be fixated on Golovkin. I’ve seen three or four pieces in the last couple of weeks where he’s talking about beating Golovkin, it looks like he’s laying the ground work for something, whether it’s Golovkin or somebody else. Floyd’s laying the ground works for a comeback.

[Regarding Mayweather’s interest in a Golovkin fight] I think you lay the ground work, you say things to see how people react, you say things to see if it’s something that the public wants and he’s gauging that. We’ve always known that Floyd was a great businessman, so it’s all part of a plan for him. There’s nothing that he says or does that is not calculated.”

With no other attractive opponent on the horizon this can potentially become boxing’s next huge fight. Of course the 33-year-old GGG would probably have to stay undefeated against Dominic Wade in April, and possibly Canelo Alvarez afterwards.

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