Twitter erupted on Monday after some of the biggest EDM names on the market got into a nasty clash of words. The nasty spat kicked off between international superstar DJs Diplo and Zedd, and evolved to include DeadMau5.

Social media users couldn’t take their eyes away from the screen when the pair kicked off on one another on Monday.

It all started when Diplo called out Zedd for collaborating with M&Ms on a new advert for the brand’s 75th anniversary.
Zedd obviously wasn’t in the mood to take the criticism on the cheek and instead accused Diplo of being jealous in an explicit response.
The Major Lazer co-founder said the song in question: ‘Candyman’, featuring Aloe Blacc featured a “fake Flume drop,” and suggested Zedd was motivated by money.

Zedd responded by calling him a “jealous and told him to “shut up.”

Cue DeadMau5, who took Zedd’s side by slamming Diplo for his “Where Are U Now” collaboration with the Justin Bieber. “unless it’s a bieber collab…Coz that’s in no way, about money,” he wrote. “We all know zedds s**t sucks. But we love him. Literally hopped off Justin’s d**k to say someone’s s**t is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do.”