In today’s episode of “Wait…You Can’t Be Serious” troubled comedian Katt Williams has found himself at the center of attention yet again, this time for getting into a physical altercation with an alleged seventh grader.

Late Tuesday night (March 22) footage surfaced of Williams, real name Micah Williams, square up with someone his own size. From the video, we cannot deduce what words were exchanged to have prompted the 42-year-old to throw the first punch, but he did, and from there things got…interesting.

Williams, who has now unfortunately become a reliable laugh for anyone going through a mild depression, is then seen tussling with the minor who is identified as Luke. He then yells “tap” as his way to end the fight he started with his jab. Those gathered to watch the bizarre fight between the grown man and a child who hasn’t reached puberty yet, pulled them a part, only for Williams to still talk trash.

“As a community, y’all let a little broke n—a do that to a celebrity?” Williams questioned. “I can’t hang out with y’all.

When news of Williams latest fight hit Twitter, Twitter let out a unanimous SMH followed by some hilarious commentary.

When it comes to Katt Williams, we’re at a loss for words at this point. Watch the “after school brawl” below.

HAHa! He nothing but talk󾭻

Posted by Luke Dagreat on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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