Recently Billboard Magazine created quite a stir after they declared Sean Paul the King of Dancehall.

Sean Paul is the best selling reggae/dancehall of the decade 2000-2010 era. His sophomore album Dutty Rock sold over 6 million copies and went on to win SP a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. Since Dutty Rock in 2002, Sean Paul has since released four more successful albums including The Trinity in 2005 and Tomahawk Technique in 2012.

However still fans are split down the middle on who is the King of Dancehall. Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Yellow Man, Sean Paul are just a few names that keeps popping up in the debate.

Patricia Meschino, who is a contributing writer to Billboard mostly on reggae and dancehall, sat down with Winford Williams of Onstage and explained why Sean Paul is the king of the dominant genre of music in the Caribbean.

“In her wider context she made a point that the king of dancehall being based on sales of the music, not on popularity and influenced here in Jamaica,” Meschino said.

“It’s purely based on numbers, its nothing about artists creativity or anyone perception as an album being the best or better than the other nine so its based on numbers.”