Kanye West is prone to exaggeration. (This is, after all, the man who referred to himself as “a god” on his second-to-last album.) So when the 38-year-old hip-hop artist and Adidas design collaborator tweeted Tuesday that his surprise, 3,600-square-foot Soho pop-up shop for Life of Pablo merchandise generated $1 million in clothing sales in just two of the three days it was open over the weekend, observers weren’t so much impressed as circumspect.

One such skeptic is Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail analyst at Forrester. “He is known for hyperbole, and given that he is a private citizen and it’s a private business, we may never known the true numbers,” she says. $1 million is an “awful lot” for two days of selling, she explains, marking “the upper end of any Manhattan retailer on a daily basis”; Macy’s Herald Square location moves more than $1 million in product most days, for example, but has more than 2 million square feet of selling space. “I’m not even sure how [West] would be processing that much inventory that quickly in a small format store — it couldn’t even fit $500,000 worth of merchandise unless every item was the size of a lipstick tube,” she argues.