Iggy Azalea and her fiance Nick Young have split following a leaked video of him cheating surfaced online.

The Lakers star D’Angelo Russell reportedly secretly recorded the video and leaked it online. In the clip you can hear Swaggy P admitting that he cheated on his fiance with a 19-year-old girl that he met at a club last summer.

Sources close to the couple are saying that Iggy Azalea already told Nick Young that the wedding is off but he is desperately trying to save the relationship.

“Things are pretty much over for them but he [Nick Young] is not giving up and is fighting to save their relationship,” sources said.

Iggy Azalea also hinted on Twitter that she saw the video and also thanked D’Angelo Russell for it.

“Hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro,” she wrote.

(Source – urbanislandz.com)