Focused on creating a name for herself and building her own brand, Dancehall artiste Chin Chin, formerly known as Shauna Chin wants to distance herself from ex-fiance controversial artiste Gully Bop.

Chin On Gully Bop’s baby-mama rumours

Over the past week, reports have emerged on social media that a girl is pregnant for Gully Bop.

Gully Bop’s camp has said that the artiste is involved with the girl and pays her rent, but they are unsure if he is the father of the unborn child.

Gully Bop’s ex-lover Chin Chin has laughed off claims that Bop allegedly impregnated a girl.

“Gully Bop caan breed nobody (laughing), and he knows that, so when… him stop give that girl money, she soon find out what time it is. She breed fi somebody else and a try put it on Bop,” Chin said.

Meanwhile, Gully Bop’s current girlfriend Amari said the rumours have made their bond stronger.

“At first, I was pissed off, and I still am, but I will stand by him. I was embarrassed, more than hurt because it is a real relationship. It has made the relationship stronger,” she said.