It’s 2016, almost one year after Mylo’s explosion on the soca scene and he is still as humble as ever.

Since his debut, last Vincy Mas, Mylo has been involved in community projects such as Luke Browne’s Summer Program, where he got the opportunity to advise and impart knowledge on young kids about the music industry and his work process. He also performed at a few small shows around the island and throughout the Grenadines. Though he hasn’t released any music, Mylo keeps himself busy by writing a verse, hook or formulating concepts at least 2 to 3 times per week.

With Vincy Mas fast approaching, Mylo’s team seem to have a plan to make his brand more visible and if all goes well, you just may be able to purchase your very own Mylo shirt or cap. Music-wise, Mylo is hoping to release 2 or 3 tracks for 2016 Vincy Mas, all groovy, two espcecially for the ladies, who he says refer to him as the “Vincy Popcaan of Soca.”

“Through the way I braid my hair and I have this kind of squeaky voice. I’ll more sing songs for the ladies.”

Though he isn’t under management, Mylo does have an advisor and a close knit circle that assists him whenever necessary.

“I still consider myself as just trying to make it. Don’t want to move like i have big chest cause i have a half dead song.”

While acknowledging that his 2016 hit was a pretty good song, Mylyo states that he is trying his best to stay humble because “the faster I go up, the quicker I come down..”

Besides looking after his own brand, Mylo is also a part of 3 One Entertainment, a crew made up of Mylo and two friends, carrying the slogan “One Yute, One Dream, One Mission.” Mylo and his small team plan to eventually host their own events and promotions, create a clothing line, and open their own studio.

Currently jobless after resigning from his day job, Mylo says he is now awaiting phone calls that may never come from applications he sent out but adds that he isn’t worried because God is good.

When asked about his expectations for Vincy Mas 2016, Mylo said, “To be honest with you for real, I’m just looking forward to hearing some great music from the other artiste them.”

And what can we expect from him in return??

“Well they already compare me as the Vincy Popcaan so it should be fun, unexpected and very weird in terms on lyrics and use of word play. Lots of story telling!”

Keep your eyes on Mylo for Vincy Mas 2016!!