Well look what we have hear.

It was just Sunday (April 3) when Blac Chyna’s mother said she hoped her daughter and boyfriend Rob Kardashian would get married, and not even 24 hours later we see 27 year old Blac Chyna flashing a sizable diamond ring, leading the Internet to believe Blac Chyna may soon become Blac Chyna Kardashian.

Chyna’s comment section was a mixed bag of emotions after she posted the photo. One Instagram follower said she almost cried after seeing the picture, while another tagged a friend and said it was time they switch professions…or something to that nature.

“We definitely need to become strippers,” the follower said.

News of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s engagement comes on the heels of their widely publicized and criticized relationship, which they made public back in January. Since then, the Internet has required many receipts from the couple to prove if this is indeed the Real McCoy or just another classic case of jiganomics. After Kardashian, 29, reportedly drove across state in a Bentley to bail out Black Chyna following an arrest, many then conceded.

Blac Chyna’s bestie, Amber Rose hopped on Instagram to confirm the news and also advise the two to “not let nothing or no one tear you guys a part.”