Karrine “Superhead” Steffans asked for and has been granted a restraining order against former “Scandal” star Columbus Short.
The order went into effect on Monday, April 4th.

According to TMZ, Steffans claims that Short is a violent drunk that goes into tirades at least three times a week. During one episode he allegedly kicked down their bedroom door where she was hiding.

Short also reportedly threatened Steffans’ and Kool G. Rap’s 18-year old son, Naim Wilson. Saying he would “whoop his ass like a man.”

The couple reportedly got married last year. Steffans says she doesn’t want a divorce and hopes this is a wake up call for her husband so he realizes he needs professional help.

However, Short told TMZ that a divorce is impossible because he never married the former video vixen turned author – WTF.
Short is already on three years probation for felony assault after knocking a man out in 2014 at an L.A. restaurant.