Comedian and Dancehall Entertainer LA Lewis has hired a lawyer to begin legal proceedings against fellow entertainers,Desmond ‘Ninjaman’ Ballentine andChristopher ‘Dr Love’ Crooks.

The legal action stems over a picture being circulated over the Internet which suggests an intimate relationship between Lewis and Ninja’s allegedly gay son who is known as ‘Spuggy’.

Ninja has since ignored all threats made by Lewis to sue for approximately $25,000,000 and has continued to verbally bash the viral star in a recently uploaded video.

The ‘Don Gargon’ made it clear that Lewis should “Stop f#c.k Spuggy”, his son and offered his friendly advice that the “social media god” should quit his alleged homosexual lifestyle before its too late.

Lewis has since fired back at Ninja on social media with a picture in comparison of the ‘Don Gargon’ and a Horse and the legal documents outlining the details of the lawsuit against the entertainers.

NINJAMAN TO LA LEWIS by Avando_Graphix-King