You know, it’s Wednesday, (April 6) which means there are about 48 hours before you can respectfully begin to make brunch plans without being looked at as if you only live for the weekend and bottomless mimosas. While we’re half way to Friday, a little pick-me-up would be much appreciated.

Enter tennis superstar Serena Williams randomly twerking in broad daylight. The 34-year-old Grand Slam Champion was recorded attempting to teach an eager, but physically unprepared, man the type of technique that goes into twerking.

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Williams turned her twerking into a cardio exercise, jokingly counting down each twerk as if it were a set of squats. The ambitious fellow–who’s back quickly went out after attempting just half a twerk–simply gave up, and you know what? It’s totally fine. No judgment.

Either way, thanks to Serena for giving us the momentum needed to make it to Friday.