Look out tree-blowers, The Game is prompting you to drink up and get lifted with his latest green-inspired line. The Cali native is paying homage to his Westside upbringing once again, launching a weed lemonade, G Drinks.

Soon enough, all of California and Washington will be able to sip on the newest edition to the ganja-edibles business. The Game teamed up with experts, G FarmaBrands, to introduce three flavors of the lemonade – pink, strawberry, and traditional. Each drink will be infused with the brand’s Liquid Gold cannabis oil and extracts. And in case you’re too high in the clouds to go on and roll up after you’re done sipping, the G Drink brand will also be offering six G Sticks, which are pre-rolled cones of marijuana.

The “Celebration” rapper is that latest celebrity jumping on the wagon to launch their own weed line, alongside Wiz Khalifa and Whoopi Goldberg, weed use is only legal for medical use in California, but it looks like The Game has found a clever way around that. G FarmaBrands uploaded a picture on its Instagram, announcing the Game-approved product.