2016 or in Roman Numerals MMXVI, is going to be quite a year for Island Network Artiste – Hance John!
After FIVE years as a Soca Dan, Hance has paid his dues, matured and with the support of his manager Herric Horne and former Soca Dans team, is stepping out this year as a brand of his own.

With the assistance of Kubiyashi productions, Hance and manager, Herric have been diligently working on refining Hance’s sound and brand and have successfully created a catalogue Hot97 approved hits with contributions from top musicians in the industry such as legendary Lucian drummer and producer, Thygeson Penn Joseph, guitars from Vincentian guitarist Zan George, keyboardist skills from African musician and producer YtwoKe, who now lives in SVG and the production and composing skills of Alex Kubiyashi Barnwell. As a part of a team effort, contributions were also made by fellow Vincentians, Akene “Prez” Keizer, Sulani Roberts and Kevon Kev Allyene. Hance’s 2016 catalogue of music is reflective of his maturity as an artiste, a oneness of self and music and the unity of many players in one industry. This, in essence, is Hance’s mission – to present a cultural product that embodies the lifestyle, the festivals and season of carnival in SVG and the Caribbean.

Flipping to the other side of Hance’s coin – this 24 year old is currently a student of UWI, Cavehill Campus, studying for a Bachelors in Accounting. He is also a football player, was the president of the Vincentian Student Association (VINSA) at UWI Cavehill, a farmer and a strong family and community man. Hance’s obligations to all these roles, especially family and education, made it a bit difficult for him to fully focus on his music in the past, however, 2016(MMXVI) promises much more. With his education finally coming to a successful head and the full support of his family, peers and industry friends, Hance’s rebirth was imminent.

Rebranding Hance as, well… Hance, was a collaborative effort. His image was constructed with the assistance of local designer, Peta Odini, who outfitted him for his photoshoot and will be styling him for his live performances. Sessions were carefully guided and knitted together by local producer, Kubiyashi, who transcended all boundaries, perceived and conceived, to assist Hance in projecting his best sound. According to Kubiyashi “music is music, vibes is vibes – a hit can come from any studio any direction, or any camp – what’s important is our efforts in aiding young stars and local music product. We will also enhance our export strategy by helping these hits manifest – saying that alone leaves no room for negativity or competition – we are all in this together, we are vincy”

Hance’s very first release for the season – “Zone” was described as a festive down tempo song with a very creole/Caribbean vibe. It was crafted for live performances and is very different to his past records. He is majorly excited about this record due to its ability to respect tradition and at the same time deliver his ideas and visions in a creative fashion. 

All his music are recorded and ready to release. YES, you read that right. Here’s what to look out for:

“How I Feel” Ft. Zan George
“Old Mas” Ft. Kev
“Run the Road” (Square Deal Riddin)
“Drinking Partner” (Rebel Panda Riddim)

and some other surprises…

Hance will he launching his first album end of June and maybe a music video for one of his songs.