Mariah Carey has a voice made of gold, reaching various vocal octaves that rarely comes by in the industry. Given that she has one of the most distinguishable voices in music, she reportedly insured her chords for an eye-popping sum of money.

According to TMZ, the “Fly Like A Bird” singer signed off on an insurance policy for $35 million. This news follows the success of her current Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, which has received critical-acclaim in Europe. So far, concert attendees have been able to bask in Carey’s vocal prowess from Manchester, Great Britain to Helsinki, Finland.

The site also states that Carey insured her legs for $35 million, just in case something happens while she’s on her international trek.

You can purchase tickets here, and watch this fan-made video where you can experience Carey’s 7-octave range within 60-seconds.

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