Perhaps one of the most shocking, yet poetic deaths in the industry has left Meadow Walker, 16-year-old daughter of Paul Walker, $10.1 million richer.

The man accused of driving the car responsible for Paul Walkers deadly accident, Roger Rodas, has to dish out over $10 mil to Meadow; who is also gunning for a payday from Porsche.

She feels there were some design defects in her dads car that also contributed to the crash. Unfortunately for her, a judge reportedly just threw out a very similar case for unsupported evidence.

As of now, it’s unsettled how Meadow will exactly receive her settlement. Whether it will come from Rodas’ insurance company and if any will come directly from his estate.

According to Meadow’s lawyer, that $10.1 mil she is getting is only a small fraction of what she should be getting; seeing as how he was key in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise.

Of course no amount of money could bring her dad back but we wish Meadow good luck with her journey for justice.