It has only been a month since it’s release and DJ Bravo’s song, “Champion” has already exceeded 10 million in Youtube views!

Champion, currently at 10,722,463 views with 132,449 shares, is the first song within the Caribbean to climb to such heights in such a short time period and Bravo has cricket, specifically, the West Indies Cricket team to thank for that.maxresdefault (5)

The song did fairly ok after it’s release on March 14th but according to Youtube statistics, the song began it’s incline around the 31st of March when the West Indies cricket team played and won their match against India, before then, it had only clocked a little over a million views. After their magnificent victory, the W.I. team had EVERYONE singing the song and doing the champion dance.

Champion’s achievement was quickly picked up by local producer Kubiyashi, who published a congratulatory post on Instagram.

Go on and do the Champion Dance now Bravo!