A photographer ended up in hospital two weeks ago after attempting to lift Dancehall artiste Spice, while she was performing on stage in Connecticut, United States.

The man took to the stage and attempted to dance with the deejay by lifting her off the ground, however things didn’t go down well as he broke his leg while attempting to hoist the “Needle Eye” deejay in the air.

“I usually have the ladies contesting me on stage, and this time around, I invited the men. The camera guy dropped his camera, puff him chest, and came out. I saw him going down and he was hopping off the stage and holding his leg,” Spice said.

The now-viral video of the incident caused quite a stir on social media, with persons blaming Spice for the photographer’s misfortune, bashing the artiste claiming that she was fat.

The artiste however responded to critics last week saying that she is very comfortable in her own skin.

“I’m extremely comfortable in my own skin. Those exact same persons who are fat, shaming me will be the same ones who will have much to say if I get extremely slim, so I normally don’t get fazed by criticism. Trust me! I’m in love with my weight.” she said.

Spice also added that despite what detractors have to say, the photographer is already ready for a rematch.

“I just heard from the party promoter that the photographer is requesting a rematch in August, and I will return to give him his heart’s desire.”

“I guess he wants back his street credibility, but he still won’t win again.” She added