Westchester Home is a quarterly magazine production centered around the exclusive home and gardens of New York State’s Westchester County. It features beautifully designed living spaces and articles that share how to find cutting-edge home products, professionals and services for people passionate about their homes. Rounding out each issue are stories on original ways to entertain with ease and elegance.

Every year, readers are asked to submit their work to be judged and finalists would receive a feature in the Spring issue of Westchester Home. Winners are then announced at a live awards presentation.

This year, Vincentian architect and kitchen designer – Rayan James, won the Westchester Home best kitchen design award. On an online blog, Rajkitchendandbath.com, James recounts his feelings on winning and receiving the award and his experience over the years.

“…and the winner of the 2016 Best Kitchen Design in Westchester Home Design Awards is …”

That’s when it hit me, for a moment, time stopped and everything came to a brief pause in my mind. I then realized that while my head was buried at work designing kitchens or other interior spaces, putting all my sweat and creative ideas into transforming my clients’ homes, I was also leaving an impression on a community of creative independent thinkers. A group of talented professionals at the Westchester Home Magazine was taking notice of what was happening.

Then my name was called, “Rayan James of RAJ Kitchen and Bath.”

Last evening, April 7th 2016, I was awarded the Best Kitchen Design in Westchester Home Magazine! It is my immeasurable pleasure to have been selected for this award, which to me was like winning an academy award at the Oscars. It is an awesome recognition by my peers and I’m eternally grateful and appreciative to be so recognized.

Winning a prestigious award such as this is an immense tribute to what I’ve been trying to accomplish over the past sixteen years of my career from a humble beginning in the small Caribbean Island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. I’ve tried to think outside the box in my designs, while being creative and taking big risk, which have attracted bold and free spirited clientele. The result is I’ve been infused with the confidence to break away from the norm or trend of the day, to venture out on a limb to do things that are off the beaten path, magnificent and bold.

I thank God for this gift, without him none of this would have been possible. Thanks to my amazing, smart and beautiful wife Angelica for her consistent and never ending support through everything.To all my clients, thank you for trusting me with your homes. Although I didn’t always know the outcome, we came away with some amazing results. Thank you! To my extended family, friends and other well-wishers, we truly thank you for the encouraging words and for supporting us when it mattered. Remember, “it’s more than just design…it’s a lifestyle.”

Rayan shows the transformation of his kitchen in the video below: