Dancehall artiste Spice is making it clear that she is not the woman fighting in the Walmart viral video.

The video started circulating earlier this week after popular sound system selector/producer Foota Hype uploaded it via Instagram stating that she was fighting with another female over her fiancé.

However the “Need Eye” deejay is refuting the claims.

“First of all me no deh a foreign,” Spice said.

“Obviously that look like it took place inna some foreign store, Walmart or wherever them claim it is.” She added

Despite all the laughter on social media, Spice says that she does not take it personal and look at it as all fun.

“Me no tek it personal cause me know say Foota Hype, Richie Feelings and Tony Matterhorn, me and dem kinda have the relationship weh we always a trouble one annoda pon Instagram,” she added.

Spice also discussed the matter at Onstage.