Beyonce quenched the globe’s thirst for new tunes when she surprise-released her sixth studio album on Saturday (Apr. 23). Listeners still have remnants of Lemonade on their tastebuds since its debut, including Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles.

With some lyrics on the project that fans believed were about Beyonce’s father, Mr. Knowles decided to address the theories within a WatchLOUD interview.

“Well, I can only speculate like everyone else. And I think the genius in this body of work that Beyoncé has done is she has us all speculating and she has us all letting our minds expand on her words and the expansion of them,” he said. “My kids, they take a lot from me and I always come from an intellectual place. Like intellectually, not emotionally, and most people come from an emotional place and it’s unfortunate. But I’m sure that…when I listen to “Daddy Lessons” – and Beyoncé wrote me a song on her first album called “Daddy” [as well] – but when I hear this song [“Daddy’s Lessons”] I’m sure that some of that, hopefully, I inspired her. But am I sure, no.”

He also highlighted the statements on his alleged strained relationship with his daughters, revealing that those parts of his life he’ll keep private as much as possible.

“They saw me talking to Beyoncé when she was a young child and challenging her, even then, to understand where she was coming from and critical thinking, but you also seen me diving on the bed and playing with Blue Ivy so that kinda answers your question right there,” he said. “I choose to let the press say whatever they want and let people say whatever they want. It’s nobody’s business how much I see my daughter or my grandkids, that’s something personal that I care not to share.”

Another moment that prompted people to speculate about infidelity within Bey’s marriage was the “Sorry” lyric that reads, “He better call Becky with the good hair.” A few people assumed that it was designer Rachel Roy or singer Rita Ora who fit the minor description, but Mr. Knowles had his own conclusion on the matter.

“She’s talking about you,” he said to E! News. “You put that in context for you personally. She’s talking about you and everybody that is you, that’s who she’s talking about.”