Former wrestling star Chyna died of an accidental overdose of a prescription sleeping pill and a tranquilizer, her manager said Wednesday.

“It’s a 98 percent certainty and 2 percent speculation,” Anthony Anzaldo said.

Anzaldo, who lived nearby, discovered the 46-year-old ex-WWE star dead on April 20 in her bed at her Redondo Beach home. He believes she may have died two or three days earlier.

Chyna, whose birth name was Joan Marie Laurer, was a lifelong insomniac who had prescriptions for Ambien and a generic version of the anti-anxiety drug Valium, Anzaldo said.

Days before she was found dead, Chyna appeared rambling and disjointed as she wandered around her apartment wearing headphones and a feather in her hair in a 13-minute video she posted online.

Chyna has acknowledged struggling with addiction in the past. Anzaldo said she had been known to binge drink but had not had a drink for several weeks, and there was no alcohol in her home at the time of her death.