50 Cent is known for beefing with pretty much everyone, from Fat Joe, to Fredro Starr, to Floyd Mayweather. At this point, it may be quicker to list the people the megastar hasn’t gotten into it with. But he may have taken things too far when he went in on an airport employee this past weekend.

In a since-deleted Instagram post that has now been uploaded to YouTube (and is making noise on Reddit in a thread titled “50 cent is an asshole”), the rapper follows alongside an airport employee pushing a cleaning cart, accusing him of being “high as a muthafucka.”

“What’s your name?” 50 asks the man. “Look at him. What kind of shit you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a muthafucka, right here in the airport. Pupils dilated, everything. The new generation is fucking crazy,” 50 says, as the employee shakes his head and continues to keep his eyes forward.

As local NBC affiliate WLWT is reporting, the teen whom 50 clowned, actually has a disability and suffers from social anxiety, and his parents are outraged that the rapper would ridicule the 19-year-old in such a public manner.

“Just sickening. It’s very hard to watch,” Kent Farrell, the boy’s father says in a broadcast report. “To put this video out there, say my son is on drugs or whatever, that’s part of his social anxiety he’s not wanting to talk, he’s not wanting to communicate. He’s walking on, he’s doing his job.”

The teen was reportedly very proud when he acquired a job as an airport janitor on his own, but in light of 50’s joking, his parents are unsure how he will feel moving forward. “The more I thought about it, the more upset I got,” Amanda Kramer, his mother, said. “The more mad I got. Cause this could really hurt him for future.” She continued, “I think he needs to retract it and I would like for him to make a public apology.”

The video has already been removed from 50’s social feeds, but the damage appears to be done. 50 is of course no stranger to ripping into others, but his targets are typically other celebrities or rappers. The boy himself has said, “I don’t do drugs. I believe in God. I’m a hard worker.”

Since the clip went viral, many IG users have been posting messages on the man’s most recent photo, praising his professionalism and sending him messages of support.

In a response on the photo, the man wrote, “Thanks everyone for the support and I do plan to go to court about it.”

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