Long before Beyonce became known as Queen Bey who dropped surprise albums, destroyed edges and commanded us to get in formation, she was just a teen from Texas in the beginning stages of her career with Destiny’s Child.

Successfield, an organization aimed at motivating others through inspirational quotes and videos from today’s most influential and successful entrepreneurs, business executive and entertainers, dug up a old video of 16 year old Beyonce in which she outlined what it takes to be successful.

Sporting a new navel ring, a thick Texas accent and chock full of 16 year old goodness, Beyonce’s rules for success as a teen don’t seem to really differ from Lemonade Beyonce’s rule of success.

“My advice is to keep God first. That’s the main thing, keep God first. We go to church every Sunday together and I think that’s what gives this group the bond that we have. Pray every night and be serious with your prayers. Also, stay humble. I know we’re going to stay humble. If you ever meet me and I have a little attitude, just slap me.


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