By now, it’s only expected Beyonce will be topping some chart or receiving an award for her excellence, and as of May 2, Bey’s newest accomplishment came after she landed 12 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. She is the first female artist to score that many hits, according to Billboard.

All 12 of her chart-topping songs come from her latest body of work, Lemonade including the album’s first single, “Formation” (No.10), “Freedom” (No.35), featuring Kendrick Lamar, and probably its most controversial track, “Sorry” (No.11), which discusses possible infidelity in the singer’s relationship.

Beyonce’s historical accomplishment surpasses other female artists, including pop favorite, Taylor Swift who previously held the record for 11 tracks on the charts. In hip-hop, Bey has tied the record with other heavyweights including Drake, Eminem, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent.

So while everyone was worrying about who Becky with the good hair is, it looks like the only thing on Bey’s mind was climbing the charts.

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