Hypa 4000 does it again and delivers a fresh concept and style with the World famous Vincentian Soca Phenomenon Kevin Lyttle. This song pays compliments to the ladies who are able to show acrobatic styled movements while maintaining a graceful composure. Hypa and Kevin Lyttle encourage this by chanting “Burn Up De Road.

Written by Lester ‘Mack’ Iroha, Shaunelle McKenzie and Kernal Roberts
Performed by Shane ‘Hypa 4000’ Husbands and Kevin Lyttle
Back Vocals by Shaunelle McKenzie and Kernal Roberts
Guitars by Enos ‘Mandrike’ Peniston
Produced by Lester ‘Mack’ Iroha
Mixed and Mastered by Keron Scratch Master’ Hector

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