Ja Rule began to trend on Twitter Monday (May 9) and no, his final album COUP DE GRÂCE wasn’t released. Instead, the raspy rapper tweeted a simple affirmation that sent the social media site ablaze.

In a now-deleted tweet, the MC wrote his thoughts on why he loves America, mostly because one can profit off of anything people think is funny. Take the famous Michael Jordan crying face meme.

“This why I love America while we all laughing at the Jordan crying face he gets a 1$ every time it gets post. Jokes on us!!!” he wrote.

In typical Internet fashion, Ja Rule was criticized, but we all got a good chuckle at the new memes and tweets that followed. Ja also got a good laugh out of his silly thought, tweeting he received a lot of new followers after posting the original tweet.


fans to Ja Rule

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