Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged Katt Williams with one count of misdemeanor battery and the comedian could possibly face up to six months of jail time if a judge signs off on the charges, TMZ reports.

The battery charges stem from a March incident outside of his hotel when he saw a car accident occur and decided to help the victims. Williams was then joined by a group of onlookers or “rappers,” as he described, who teased the embattled funnyman about his 5’5″ stature.

The comedic-actor claims that one of the “rappers” struck him first and he was merely defending himself when he hit him back.

This incident is one of many bizarre altercations the 42-year-old has found himself enthralled in. Wednesday (April 27) Georgia prosecutors decided to file a motion to have his bond revoked from a former bodyguard assault case. The decision was made after he allegedly threw a salt shaker at a Spondivitis’ restaurant manager in Atlanta. He was arrested and released after posting bond the next day.

He also allegedly held up five women in Atlanta for recording him with their phones and there was also a unrelated incident, which was caught on camera, of Katt punching a 17-year-old high school student.


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