It might be the most controversial tiny square of the year. Instagram has changed its logo – and it seems that nobody is happy.

The company has launched a re-design of its app alongside a new, sunset-themed logo. Many found the new design when they opened up their phone and saw the new image sitting there, delivered to them through automatic software updates.

Straight away, users erupted in anger. One of the ways that it was announced was in a post by Kevin System, the CEO and founder of Instagram, who shared a video showing the old logo changing into the new one – that post was greeted by more than a thousand comment, almost all of which were outraged.

But there are parts of a post by Ian Spalter, Instagram’s head of design, that hints at why exactly people are so mad about the change. Writing about the decisions that went into changing the app icon away from the a “rendered camera” and into an image that could be more flexible and blown up at size, Mr Spalter said that the company “had to figure out how to give the new mark more character while also removing what was unnecessary”.

He continued: “The question then became, how far do we go? If you abstract too much, the glyph doesn’t feel tied to the history and soul of Instagram. If you make it too literal, it’s hard to justify changing from what we currently have.

“After a lot of refinement, we landed on a glyph that still suggests a camera, but also sets the groundwork for years to come.”

It seems to be that tension – and the loss of connection to the “history and soul of Instagram” – that has made people so angry. Many people love the old Instagram logo, so much that people bake cakes shaped like it and use it for important parts of their own design, and the new logo doesn’t appear to keep enough of a connection to that previous one.

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