UK-based Vincentian band, Vincy Alliance are preparing for their 5th year on the road for Notting Hill Carnival and this year, they present “50 Shades of Paradise” with the sections “Dominator,” “Submissive,” and “Lover,” along with a T-shirt section, more representative of SVG.

The costumes, already launched last month (April) are available on their website

Vincy Alliance began as a collaboration between existing mas bands at Notting Hill Carnival, in an effort to bring awareness to SVG, after organizers realized that European Citizens had no idea what St. Vincent & The Grenadines was. It has now grown to become the foremost representative mas band for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the UK.

In their start-up year, 2012, they were just a small T-shirt band of just over 100, linking with another truck on the road to have a presence in the Notting Hill Carnival – they completely sold out!

After Notting Hill Carnival, the Vincy Alliance team continued to stamp their brand and promote SVG at events in London with branded merchandise such as key rings, whistles, bottles etc, bringing more awareness to our little island and the following year, 2013, they received early inquiries from the Vincentian AND the British populace, all enthusiastic for another year on the road.

In 2014, along with their T-shirt section, they introduced their very first Mas Costume section themed “Gem of the Antilles” which reflected SVG’s flag colours. Through the huge interest and demand from the public, the Vincy Alliance team was able to fund and pay for their very own truck on the road and hire Vincentian DJs. Once again, they completely sold out.

In 2015, the Vincy Alliance team raised the bar another notch and flew local artiste “Royall” over, to perform on their truck and at their cool down party.

This year, the Vincy Alliance Mas team is looking forward to an even bigger presence in Notting Hill Carnival and shedding more light on this little Island in the Caribbean.