Bill Cosby has made it next to impossible for entertainers and athletes to get insurance companies to write them adequate polices protecting them from lawsuits.

Various well connected sources in the insurance industry tell us, the flood of accusations and lawsuits against Cosby has scared insurance companies, which now realize the comedian’s insurance company may have to pay out tens of millions of dollars to his alleged victims.

It all centers around umbrella policies … which allow people to get massive supplements to their homeowners and auto policies. Celebs with lots of money often get umbrella policies that will cover $20 million to $30 million in lawsuit judgments.

In recent years insurance companies have been reluctant to write umbrella policies for high-profile people — especially athletes. Our sources say it goes beyond celebs who commit misdeeds. Insurance companies know high-profile people have become targets for people who just want to make a quick buck.

“The Cosby Effect” has now made it next to impossible for entertainers, athletes and other people who have fame and fortune.