Remember Popcaan’s girlfriend Kavelle Keir? Well she’s back and some Unruly fans are still upset.

The Dancehall artiste broke the internet last October when he first posted his Trinidadian girlfriend with the caption “My boobie where you at? King and queen nah mean❤️.”

The post racked up a slew of comments with many fans feeling betrayed, others took jabs at her complexion while labelling the “Weed is my best friend” deejay as a sellout.

Now seven months later and the deejay unfortunately is getting the same response.

Popcaan on Saturday shared another photo of the two saying, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…💜” Once again sending his female fans into a frenzy.

“Typical unconscious black mentality 😴😴” One user said.

“Ewww like all she’s gunna cook is scrabble egg n bacon 💩😩😩” Another added.

“She can’t be a empress cuz she’s not a black queen 👑”

“So you’re black mama and sister are not beautiful. F’n sellout. Unfollow.”

“Why she gotta be with him 🙄bitch stay away from my man.”