Grow a pair — a plastic pair, that is! With summer movie season starting to heat up, the new issue of Us Weekly features chats with some of the biggest names from the season’s blockbusters, including Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’s Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, who revealed what it was really like to film the scene where Teddy (Efron) shows off his family jewels.

“Those were not real testicles,” Rogen, 34, assures Us of the memorable moment in the film in which Teddy gets his Magic Mike on.

As for why the prosthetic was used, Efron explains, “There were a lot of paparazzi on set. The best was my mom sent me a picture of me, looking right in the lens, holding my fake nuts. She was like, ‘Please, what are you doing?'”
“I said, ‘It’s for the film, Mom,'” the Dirty Grandpa star, 28, continues. “She was like, ‘Have some class!'”

The film, opening Friday, May 20, uses many college-age extras, which the leading men admit was a bit disorienting.

“I found myself running back to Seth to talk about old-people stuff,” Efron jokes. The Night Before actor agrees, pointing out that the younger cast members would teach the two stars “how to Snapchat.”

“I’m so out of touch with technology and Face Swap!” Efron says.